• In order to provide the best customized products, Combursa’s engineering department is available anytime to study and evaluate your needs so as to provide youwith the best and most practical solutions.

  • In the meantime, Combursa’s quality control department ensures that the products would meet your requirements and specifications, and provides the best possible service for every application.

  • We have a long list of state-of-the-art production equipments.

Product quality & service quality


After sales service & quality assurance period extension


  • Whenever you need original spare parts, or need technical consultation and maintenance, Combursa technicians will try to address your need A.S.A.P to reach an optimal solution.

  • Wherever your company is located, Combursa employees or distributors will provide the best service by an immediate personal visit or prompt delivery on the service parts required.

  • Combursa sales staff will introduce to you and supply the most suitable products and solutions for your entrance and logistics requirements.

  • We will also recommend you to utilize the best of the products in order to obtain the greatest functional performance and services.

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