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Founded in 1978, Combursa Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd is a core branch of the Combursa Group. It is a leading European equipment manufacturer in terms of industrial logistics solutions. It adheres to the highest quality standards in design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service. To develop continuous and rigorous business partnership is the key to Combursa's success. Based on the outstanding R&D strengths, Combursa has always been playing a leading role in product innovation and modern manufacturing.

The brand of COMBURSA

With more than 40 years of solid experiences and qualified core technology, Combursa in Europe stands out in the big market as a market leader for the outstanding logistics solutions and products with advanced design and technology. Combursa produces a full range of logistics equipment, including Dock Levellers, Easy Dock, Hydraulic Lifting Leveller, Overhead Sectional Door, High Speed Door, Dock Shelters and Super Fans etc. In addition to the headquarter in Catalonia, Spain, it also has important manufacturing sites and trading branches in China, Czech Republic, Russia; meanwhile it has obtained the great support from different agents and distributors in nearly 20 countries around the world, and is developing business in Europe, Asia and South America as well.

In 2006, the Combursa Group sold its logistics facilities business to a European industrial equipment group due to business strategy adjustment. In 2009, when the group announced the shutdown of the Spanish logistics facilities factory due to poor operational performance, the Combursa family successfully repurchased the business from the capital market. It regained the trust from many faithful customers in the Combursa brand over the years, while avoided the job losses of a large number of employees. After the buyback, Combursa Group increased its investment in logistics equipment, thus making it a global company.

Since 2002, Combursa has been in the Chinese market through the business model of distributorship to serve Chinese customers. In order to better serve Chinese and Asian customers, it set up the wholly-owned sales companies and manufacturing plants in China with the approval of Combursa Group in 2019. In the future, we will put in more R&D resources and supply more outstanding products in Asia, especially China, which is the most dynamic market in the world today;

Our branches in Asia consist of:


Combursa Doors (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Combursa Logistics Equipment (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. (under construction), as well as distributors and partners in Asia.

Our vision is to become a real global leader in entrance and transportation industry, as well as the most successful and innovative supplier, to provide customers with efficient and safe transportation solutions for people, vehicles and goods. Our designs and product lineups are designed to support environment-protection programs to care for the earth we live on and save energies and resources, with social and economic benefits increased in different working situations and applications.

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