Business Management

Founded in 1978, Combursa Transportation System Co., Ltd is a core branch of Combursa Group. It is a leading manufacturer of accessory equipment for industrial logistics transportation system in Europe. It adheres to the highest quality standards in design, manufacturing, installation and after-sales service.

To establish continuous and rigorous business partnership is the key to our success. Based on the company's outstanding R&D strength, Combursa has always been a market leader in innovation and modern manufacturing.

Since 1978, Combursa has provided solutions to all customers, recommended the best solutions of logistics and material handling for factories and warehouses to save time and improve efficiency and safety.

  • We have a wide range of products to meet all the needs of logistics entrances, cargo loading bays and entrances and exits from indoors and outdoors.

  • We always have a highly professional team in the group, which can quickly address your enquiries from commercial, technical, installation and after services.

  • Manufacturers of all our products are supervised under the strictest quality control standard of automated manufacturing process.

  • Based on strong market positioning, we never stop investing in R& D and exclusive patent exploitation.

Since 2002, Combursa has entered Chinese and Asian market through the business model of distributors, serving Chinese and Asian customers. To better serve Chinese and Asian customers, we will invest more R& D resources and excellent products in Asia, especially in China, the most dynamic market in the world.The core brand name of “Combursa” together with the counterpart Chinese brand name “康柏莎” will dually exist in China, with headquarters located in Shanghai and production site in Jiangsu Province. Contact us to benefit from our market-leading products and solutions!

Corporate Mission


The unique mission of Combursa Entrance System Co., Ltd is to better improve and optimize the logistics efficiency available today in the marketplace in order to make it done in a more safer, more efficient and more energy-saving way. With a fully-equipped production line in place, we can supply high quality products to best meet customers' strict requirements and expectations from the application area such as cargo loading/unloading systems, industrial lifting doors for transportation and insurance, metal high speed doors, PVC rapid doors, Big Doors, industrial big fans, as well as other high-end products and quality services.

Innovation and quality


Combursa has always put an intense focus on innovation and quality. To provide customers with "Safe, Reliable, User-friendly and Good-looking" products has been the Combursa's business philosophy ever since. We will continue to work hand in hand with all partners to continue in full efforts with further innovations and development, aiming at creating the world around us to be a more healthier, warmer, safer and more efficient working and living environment.

Core design


As a unique participant involved during the specific designing process for your needs, we are fully capable to coordinate the different project stages starting from consultation management, design, construction, installation till after-service time periods, just in order to provide customers with the one-stop and core-technology based solutions. We have highly competent technicians, engineers, architects and surveyors who have gathered rich and extensive experiences in product R&D; which ensures the maximum guarantee in terms of product quality output and cost control.

Corporate Vision


Our vision is to become No. 1 global leader in entrance\transportation industry, as well as the most successful and innovative supplier. To provide customers with efficient and safe transportation solutions for people, vehicles and goods. To utilize our design and product lineups to well protect the earth, consume less energy and increase social and economic benefits in various work and applications.

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