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FR300 High Speed Stacking Door

Product Description

Combursa FR300 High Speed Stacking Door

It can be used for various indoor/outdoor space separation and endure high speed frequent use of ordinary manufacturing or logistics facilities. It can folding-lift in a high speed. With transverse wind resistant rods, the wind pressure can be evenly distributed in the whole door curtain. With good wind resistance and a variety of advantages of high-speed roller shutter door, it is suitable for large area of all kinds of buildings and professional fast door of high requirements for frequent logistics of all kinds of building exterior wall.

Function and Performance:

  • It is applicable to the installation of door opening or large door opening with wind pressure or negative pressure less than 650N/m2;

  • Quick opening: stacked opening and closing, opening speed 0.8-1.6m/s; closing speed 0.5-1.0m/s

  • Heat preserving and energy saving: the quick opening and closing of the door can improve heat preservation in summer and winter, reduce the loss of energy.

  • Sealing and isolation: the bottom is equipped with an elastic PVC based cloth air seal, which can be combined with various uneven ground precisely. The air tightness standard is generally as follows: 2.5m3/m2/h. The special double-layer brush is used for the door post seal to increase the sealing performance. Unique sealing system and efficient sealing mode can block the exchange of cold and hot air to the maximum extent, prevent the entry of external dust and insects, and effectively isolate the spread of expected noise.

  • Safety performance: the door frame and door box are made of 2.0-2.5mm thick high-quality cold-rolled steel structure, with high-quality paint baking and painting process treatment

  • Power system: hyperlift system,

  • Control system: high speed frequency conversion technology.

Main Technical Parameters of FR300

Maximum size(WxH)

8000*8000 (Contact us if you need other dimensions)

Adaptive environment

Room temperature space

Curtain material

High strength polyester fiber, standard 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm thick

Curtain color

Yellow, orange, blue

Track material

Galvanized steel or optional spray color


Standard rectangular / elliptical window, window material: 1.5mm transparent PVC


Hyperlift system, high-speed frequency conversion technology



Open/close speed

On 1.2m/s, off 0.5m/s


Standard: Control Unit

Options: remote control, radar, magnetic loop, photocell etc.)

Safety device

Wireless safety edge and safety photocell

Please consult the sales staff for more detailed technical parameters

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