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FRM400 Machine Protection Door

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Combursa FRM400 Machine Protection Door

It is a robot or equipment specially used for automatic processing and manufacturing, conveyor belt and production line to limit the access of field personnel to the working state, so as to provide safety protection. Due to the simple structure design, less parts are used; this machine protection door is solid and reliable, but also easy to install and endure wireless frequent maintenance.

This door is especially suitable for places close to the machine and with limited space due to its roller shutter design and full consideration of the heater. In addition, the fast opening and closing action ensures a shorter action cycle, so as to speed up logistics and improve production efficiency.

Function and Performance:

  • High precision positioning, high stability, high frequency switch;

  • Input and output signals, and a variety of opening and closing modes, linked with supporting equipment;

  • Motor deceleration integration, frequency conversion soft start design, smooth switch and low noise;

  • It has wireless safety bottom and safe optical eye;

  • Application environment: robot welding room, machining workshop, production line channel, roller transport logistics channel, etc.

Main Technical Parameters of FRM400

Maximum size(WxH)

3000*3500 (Contact us if you need other dimensions)

Adaptive environment

Room temperature space

Curtain material

High strength polyester fiber, 2.0mm thick

Curtain color

Yellow, orange, blue

Track material

Aluminum Profiles


Whole row section of transparent windows/rectangular window, Material transparent PVC


Megisch permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor


Single 220V or three 220V / 380V, 0.75KW-2.2KW.

Open / Close speed

Opening speed: 1.0-2.0m / s

Closing speed: 0.6-1.0m /s


Standard: Control Unit

Options: remote control, radar, magnetic loop, photocell etc.)

Safety device

Wireless safety edge and safety photocell

Please consult the sales staff for more detailed technical parameters

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