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FRC500 Cold Storage Door

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Combursa FRC500 Cold Storage Door

Soft curtain anti-collision cold storage door represents the lead of industrial door in the world. It has high reliability and practicability. Its fast operation can save cooling power consumption, and its reasonable mechanism design ensures Low failure rate.

The products are widely used in the field of cold chain logistics, involving a series of products, such as special doors for food production and processing workshop, special doors for food and drug storage room, special doors for cold chain system fresh storage, special doors for cold storage, special doors for freezer, special doors for clean space passage, etc. To meet the customer's requirements for heat preservation, fast, efficient, dust-proof, energy-saving and so on.

Function and Performance:

  • The curtain adopts PU double-layer special environmental protection material with low temperature resistance, and the middle is filled with 30mm thick environmental protection insulation material to improve the effect of heat preservation and energy conservation;

  • Heating bag type side seal and top seal, heating and anti-freezing mechanism are adopted for the columns on both sides to effectively prevent frost on both sides of the columns from affecting the use of the quick door.

  • The door post anti-radiation safety photoelectric and soft anti-collision bottom edge design structure can effectively guarantee the safety performance of operation and convenient maintenance.

  • The soft curtain anti-collision cold storage door can have the structure design of automatic recovery; it is derailed due to accidental impact, and then self-healing is completed in the process of rising; it can save maintenance cost and personnel investment for cold storage users.

  • It is the most economical choice for frequent access buffer channel and the first choice for energy conservation and consumption reduction in cold chain logistics industry.

Main Technical Parameters of FRC 500

Maximum sizeWxH


Apply environment

Cold chain industry fresh storage, cold storage, freezer

Curtain material

Thickened cord fabric, PU coated fabric with high-strength fiber is used on both sides, and the interior is filled with thermal insulation material. The total thickness of the curtain is about 30mm

Curtain color

Yellow, orange, blue

Track material

It is made of aluminum alloy, and the surface is treated by spraying plastic, black and rust free




Adopt special motor and control system for cold chain



Open/close speed

Open 1.8m/s, close 0.6m/s


Standard: Control Unit

Options: remote control, radar, magnetic loop, photocell etc.)

Safety device

Wireless safety edge and safety photocell

Anti-collision recovery structure

Standard set: derailment self repair

Heating anti-freezing device

Design and application of heating mechanism

Sealing performance

The guide rail seal, the top seal and the bottom seal of the door body ensure the air tightness and isolation effect inside and outside the door body.

Door body manual function


Please consult the sales staff for more detailed technical parameters

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