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FR600 Insulated Metal Rapid Rolling Door

Product Description

Combursa FR600 Insulated Metal Rapid Rolling Door

It can be used for various indoor / outdoor space separation and high-speed and frequent use of ordinary manufacturing or logistics facilities. It has very good wind resistance, compact structure, delicate appearance, superior performance, small occupation space, flexible control and other advantages. The door can be used for any kind of high wind pressure load and high insulation in general manufacturing and industrial logistics areas. Insulated Metal Rapid Rolling Door can improve the efficiency of indoor air conditioning. The outdoor foreign matters mixed into the control, so that the working efficiency is minimized. For a safe, clean and energy-saving working environment, it improves product quality and reduces costs.

Function and Performance:

  • It is mainly used for rapid transfer of indoor doors in pharmaceutical, food, electronics, automobile and other industries; isolation or logistics channels in light industry workshop areas such as tobacco, printing, textile, supermarket, underground garage entrance, etc.;

  • It is more beautiful, faster and more wind resistant than the traditional shutter. The all metal curtain is used for outdoor door applications with high requirements for appearance, safety, speed and performance; it can be directly used as an external door. Replace the combination of traditional industrial liftgate + PVC fast door;

  • Efficient operation, more stable and smooth door operation, lower failure rate, long service life, suitable for frequent operation;

  • Frequency conversion control system, which integrates intelligence, easy operation, rich interface, safety, stability, easy maintenance and other features, improves the user experience; the control system can be compatible with various control devices (optional);

  • Unique screw drive technology, the door runs at high speed but there is no friction between metal curtains;

  • The unique tension spring balance system makes the door run more smoothly and the mechanical life longer.

  • Metal curtain, unique thermal insulation door panel filled with polyurethane foam material; aluminum hollow door panel is optional;

  • The whole independent self-supporting track system, with powder coating on the surface, has stronger corrosion resistance;

  • The mechanical part of the door body, curtain, guide rail, sealless brush, etc. are easy to replace and clean;

  • Comprehensive protection, safe infrared photoelectric, safe bottom edge;

  • Manual emergency opening function, the door can be opened manually when power is off or emergency evacuation is needed;

Main Technical Parameters of FR600

Maximun size(WxH)

5000*5000(If other sizes are needed, please contact us)

Apply environment

Room temperature space


Metal thermal insulation curtain, surface galvanized steel plate, non fluorine polyurethane foam material; all aluminum hollow thermal insulation door panel (optional)


125mm high, 42mm thick, length according to door opening size.

Curtain color

Galvanized primary color, or customized color

Rail material

Galvanized steel, optional spray color;


No window, optional


HYPERLIFT SYSTEM, high-speed frequency conversion technology



Open / Close speed

Open 2.0m/sClose 0.6m/s


Standard button switch, optional radar, remote control, geomagnetic, photoelectric, etc

Safety device

Wireless safety edge and safety photocell

Please consult the sales staff for more detailed technical parameters

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