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DLH Dock Loading House

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Combursa Dock Loading House

Combursa Loading House is designed to achieve safe and efficient loading and unloading application scenarios. The utility model has the advantages of simple application, large adjustment range, low failure rate, convenient maintenance, etc. The intelligent control system can integrate the Dock Leveller, Dock shelter loading and Overhead sectional door into one device. At the same time, we do our best in design, details, functionality and manufacturing, and are far ahead in the performance of strict loading and unloading conditions. It greatly improves the efficiency and safety in the process of loading and unloading. And widely used in food, precision machinery, automobile manufacturing, logistics storage, cold chain storage, e-commerce and other industries and places. Our products also provide the most advanced and cost-effective solutions for customers in the global business, industrial and logistics fields.

Function and Performance

  • Independent loading and unloading system with all relevant elements that make up a complete loading area: Dock Leveller, Dock shelters and Overhead sectional doors.

  • The house frame is composed by steel structure, the house is composed of galvanized light steel structure. And the roof and wall are installed with 40mm thick insulation sandwich panels.

  • Options: no insulation bridges under the inner and outer thermal insulation platform; better thermal insulation performance, build the protection between building and vehicle. Promote energy conservation and improve the working environment.

  • Greatly space saving for inside of the building, and improved the insulation and sealing performance. It can also completely isolate the indoor from outdoor to ensuring the cleanliness and energy loss.

  • Size can be customized according to specific request.

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