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CR Super Fan

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CR Super Fan

The Super Large Fan keeps air flowing over a wide area, creating a spacious and comfortable space. The natural breeze generated by the super fan blows on the human body, expediting the evaporation of sweat to take away heat, and cooling the human body. Usually, this cooling feeling can reach to 5-8°C, the three-dimensional natural wind generating by industrial energy-saving fans is more comfortable because:

  • The three-dimensional blowing on the human body can make largest evaporation area;

  • Human beings have the intimate feeling to the natural wind in nature, once the breeze can change the speed naturally, the human body will feel extremely comfortable and cool.


1>. Comfortable:

  • Caring for employers is the obligation for employees, what’s more the physical and mental health of the employees is related to the quality of the products and the development of the company. Adopting the Super Large Fan will cover the whole work place and leave no dead angles, improving the environment immediately. Not only directly cooling the human body, but also have all-round ventilation and excellent dehumidification effect!

  • Traditional HS fans blowing directly at the human body with high speeds could cause a lot of health problems. According to scientific experiments, 1-3m / s is the best wind speed for human body. The super large fan can precisely adjusts the maximum speed according to the actual situation, make the most comfort space for you.

  • Running large fans in summer can eliminate the high-temperature layer around 35-50 ℃ on the building roof.


ü Reduce the damage caused by bacteria, mist, and mold;

ü Natural ventilation and cooling;

ü Keep dry for the humid place;

ü Produce healthy new constantly;

ü Enhance indoor air flow and save energy.

2>.   Efficiency and Energy-saving:

  • The super fan can produce a large amount of air to the ground, and form a deep air layer on the ground, which moves horizontally, then promoting the overall air circulation; whose advantage is to form the all-round ground coverage and the three-dimensional circulation of air. One of the most important secret is the high-powered streamlined blades of the energy-saved Super Fan. The 7.3-meter-diameter super can cover an area of 1000-1500 square meters.  

  • Super Fan make up for the confirmation of uneven coverage of small fans, uncomfortable blowing by high wind and unable to form the air circulation in the whole space.   And it is beautiful and durable.   At the same time, it is perfect in efficiency.

3>.   Energy Saving: compare with small fans

  • The area covered by a super large fan with a diameter of 7.3M is approximately equal to that of 30-50 small fans of 0.75M.


Function and Performance

  • Good performance of ventilation, cooling, dehumidification, energy saving, environmental-friendly;

  • And low maintenance cost;

  • Effectively reduce the temperature of 5-8 ℃, and improve the comfort of work environment;

  • Self-balancing flexible fan blade design can produce large amount of airflow but avoid destructive airflow at the same time;

  • Variable frequency controller provides soft start and comprehensive variable speed operation;

  • Reasonable structural design, multiple safety protection;

  • Low installation space requirements, suitable for most place with large space: industrial plants, logistics warehouses, commercial plce, airports, stations, schools,gym, sports centers, etc.

Installation Structure

  · Composite Structure      · Anser Plate Structure             · Type H Steel Structure   

  · Concrete Structure         · Steel-concrete Structure        · Grid Structure

Installation Space

  • The total net height of the building shall be higher than 4.5m;

  • The minimum safety distance between the fan blades and the obstacle is 0.2m.


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