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OH500-ALU Frame Overhead Sectional Door

Product Description

Combursa OH500-ALU Frame Overhead Sectional Door

●   OH500-ALU Frame Overhead Sectional Door is composed by Al panels which make by Al profiles and transparent windows, the door leaf rises along the track;

●   Modern surface design and better operation performance

●   The stable and spectacular operation of big size doors can bring you strong visual impact.

●   The balance system is using the torsion spring or counterweight ,

●   Different track systems and lifting modes make the frame overhead sectional door applicable to different buildings, and the door panel color can be selected.

●   It can be applied to almost every kind of entrance channels of buildings.

●   Combursa Frame Overhead Sectional Door can be used in buildings like manufacturing, logistics, retail, transportation and so on.

Main Technical of Frame Overhead Sectional Door

Maximum Size(WxH)

5000*5000 (Contact us if you need other dimensions)

Material of Door Panel

Al profiles

Thickness / Height of Door Panel


Internal Filling Material

PUfor Insulated Panel



External Color

Primary aluminum color

Internal Color

Primary aluminum color

Type / Material of Track

Standard track /2mm Galvanized steel sheet


All aluminum frame door panel

Pass door

Not optional

Control System


HLT100-ISD≤28 m²

HLT140-ISD≤49 m²

Open/close Speed

HLT100-ISD0.25m/sOn /Off);

HLT140-ISD0.25m/sOn /Off);


Standard: Control Unit

(Options: remote control, radar, magnetic loop, etc.)

Wind Load

Standard: 450N/

(Higher requirements can be customized)

Safety Device

Standard: SBD/CBD

Please consult the sales staff for more detailed technical parameters

Multiple Installation Types


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