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FR100 Economic High Speed Door

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Combursa FR100 Economic High Speed Door

FR100 indoor high speed door is an economic fast door. It can be used for all kinds of indoor space separation and high-speed and frequent use of common manufacturing or logistics facilities. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, concise/delicate appearance, superior performance, small occupancy space, flexible control, etc.

Function and Performance:

  • Rolling shutter door is mainly used to separate light industry workshop area or logistics channel.

  • It has the characteristics of smooth operation, fast operation and low noise, and has good isolation and dust removal performance.

  • Frequency conversion control technology, higher speed, more stable door operation, lower failure rate

  • Frequency conversion control system, intellectualized, easy to operate, rich interface, security, stability, easy maintenance and other characteristics, improve the user's experience. The control system can be compatible with various control devices (optional)

  • Long service life, suitable for frequent opening.

  • Integral steel tracks, surface is powder coating, corrosion resistance is more stronger; Aluminum tracks is optional.

  • The mechanical part of the door: door curtain, tracks, sealing brush, etc. are easy to replace and clean.

  • High strength wind rod: aluminum alloy wind rod, more stable and safer.

  • All-round protection: safe infrared photoelectricity, safe bottom

  • Emergency opening, in case of emergency, manual lifting soft curtain to achieve rapid PVC soft curtain door switch.

Main Technical Parameters of FR100



Min. Size:

1500mm x 1600mm (WXH)

Max. Size:

6000mm x 6000mm (WXH)


High-strength polyester fiber(PVC), thickness 1.2mm

Fabric Colour:

Yellow, Orange, Blue


Galvanized Steel or Powder Coating(Option)


Standard(1.5mm transparent PVC)

Operation Speed:

Max. Open speed: 1.2m/s; Close Speed: 0.5m/s


HLT, High Frequency Conversion, 220V/380V, 0.55-1.5kw

Control system:

Bilateral electromagnetic rings, Power Switch,

Emergency Function:


Auto-Close Function:


Motor position:

Left or Right( Indoor view), Anti-drop motor

Seal Performance:


Anti-collision system


Wind Load:



Yes(300-500mm from bottom)

Safety Edge:

Yes(Wireless safety edge)

Using Life:

1,000,000 cycles


Different shapes of Windows, Head coves, Motor coves

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